• Sizing and general Information: Fill out the Kelson fit form or work with a qualified fitter to begin the frame design process. We will determine if we are building a complete bike or only frame, and provide pricing for the frame and any components.
  • Deposit: We require an $1,000 deposit before we begin the construction process. This maintains a scheduled date in our build queue, and reserves all materials that we need for the construction of your new bike.
  • Interview: We will have a phone consultation on the frame design and intended purposes of the desired ride characteristics for the bike.
  • Initial CAD drawing: This is the first Iteration and can change several times before we settle on the perfect geometry.
  • Paint & Personalization: The selection of paint colors and paint schemes.
    Final CAD: A drawing and image of the paint design and colors for final approval.
  • The Big day: This is when your frame construction begins. This is a fun process so don’t be shy about asking for photos or how things are developing.
  • Completion: Frame is complete and ready for assembly and packaging.
  • Delivery: Bike is ready to roll. If we are lucky enough to have you come pick up your bike from our workshop we are eager to fit you to the new bike and go for a ride. If the bike is being shipped we would love to see photos and help in any way possible with the set up of your new steed.