Do you ever have those days when life just gets a bit crazy and a wee bit stressful?  Well, this week was one of those.  It started off with an amazing cabon DNA build for the semi-custom program we are offering.  All the carbon tubing is done in house.  We do not order tubes from outside, so the process starts out like this

Hundreds of carbon puzzle pieces currently cut by hand, layed up in molds in intricate patterns, and then cured in the big burtha oven.  Watch the process


Then it was off to paint.  Well, it sounds extremely simple but honestly doing everything by yourself is sometimes a true challenge.  After paint, and seeing the end product and final design for the semi-custom program I now know why I do what I do. 

The semi- custom program was designed to get you an incredible handcrafted frame within 2 weeks.  After a year of development I know it is now possible to do with just two hands.  By choosing your favorite three paint colors we are able to customize it just for you.  BUY NOW