About Kelson

Welcome to our workshop

Brian Williams and his Kelson brand enjoy a legendary stature within the cycling community of South Eastern Idaho.  For years, Brain has been quietly building exquisite custom bicycles with sales and distribution driven almost entirely by word-of-mouth.  He is considered a visionary and a genius by his friends and customers who have been fortunate enough to own and ride his bikes. To really know and love these bikes, it helps to have a sense of how they are made.  Brian is a born tinkerer with the aesthetic of an artist and a meticulous attention to detail.  He is not in the business of mass producing bicycles.  Kelson is a one-man operation.  Brian builds your bike from start to finish including paint.  He takes the time to know the bike that is right for you and takes the time to build it right.  Every bicycle that he builds is unique to its individual owner. Unlike many custom builders, Brian has extensive experience with a variety of materials (steel, titanium, and carbon) as well as a wide variety of bicycles (road, mountain, and cyclocross).  As tempting as it might be to treat these bikes like works of art, they have untold miles of real world testing in races, club rides, and the broken pavement and gravel of the back roads of Idaho.

The day I took delivery of his new Kelson bike, “It was like pulling on a perfectly fitted custom glove, incredibly light and supple. It was like settling back in the seat of a sports car, stepping fully down on the gas. It was a perfect extension of me – but faster! Back fatigue, seat fatigue, leg fatigue are all minimized on a Kelson bike.”

Dr. Jeff Hancock