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    USA Crafted

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    Gravel RAD

    Best Crusher Bike Award

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    Hand Crafted

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    Performance Driven

  • carbon

    Custom Carbon 14.2 lbs

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    hand built wheels

    built around you and your riding style

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    Utah State CX Champs

    Carson & Kelton Williams

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    NOW offering custom wheel builds

It never gets easier, you just go faster. ~ greg lemond

Specially Designed

Each custom frame is designed with your riding style in mind. If you are looking for the perfect custom fit a Kelson Bike is a great option.

Beautifully Crafted

Attention to every detail is what Kelson is known for. Hand Crafted in the United States we take pride in building your dream bike.

Performance Driven

We build your bike with performance in mind. Your goals are our goals. We want you to be able to succeed in all of your bicycling adventures.

Words From Clinton - LOTOJA winner

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When coming down the final sprint of a 9 hour race, your body will be grateful you’ve been riding a Kelson. One of the big reasons I still had a sprint at the end of LOTOJA this year was because of the Kelson I was riding. I have ridden a couple of different high-end name brand frames. A Kelson can perform at the same high level and by far is the most comfortable on long rides. I have raced the bike in crits and road races as a Cat. 1 racer and never once doubted the bike’s ability to perform at a high level. I never have had issues or problems in any race with my bike. A trademark of a Kelson is the originality; there will be nobody on the planet that will have the same bike. Brian uses handmade carbon that is made in the USA which very few manufacturers do and then he works his magic. The end product is a bike that was made from the best materials for your specific body. If you are looking for an amazing bike look no further.

Clinton Mortley